Sunday, June 9, 2013

Heelflip Skateboard

This is another kick trick where your board does a barrel roll to the left under you while you and the board are in the air.

1. Okay, ollie as high as you can, but remember, the higher you ollie, the slower your board must spin (u can also try to do like double heelflips where the board spins twice and then you catch it if you want, i've pulled off a few of those before...haha)

2. As you are sliding your foot forward instead of just keeping it on the board you must flick your heel out so it spins the board (if you ride regular you kick your heel out to the right side of the board, if you ride goofy then kick it to the left)

3. Here's where the hard part is, you must now "hover" above your board and be completely off of it, meaning your body and your board are separate from eachother. What helps me is to think about pulling your legs all the way up to your chest which is basically what you really hafta do. This way the board has time to spin while you stay over it.

4. Now comes the landing, this is a bit harder than it looks but once you end up doing it like once or twice, it'll be extrememly easy. Okay, at this point in time you are hovering over your board. You must now "catch" it so that it lands back on the ground. This is fairly similar to the pop-shuv it because you start catching it with only one foot. That foot is you back one. Make sure your back foot hits a little bit after the back truck bolts. Now the board will start to level out and all you gotta do is place your front foot on the front truck bolts and bring it in for a landing.

5. Like everyone says...roll away...

trick heelflip

NOTE: Make sure you understand that landing on the board upside down is better then not landing on it at all (just make sure you don't snap it) At first this is all I could do but once I realized how easy it was to catch it I could land with one foot on and one foot off. Then I told myself that I was being a wuss and I wasn't gonna get hurt if I didn't land on it and this helped me when I was thinking about hovering over it so I could catch it easier. So just think to yourself, "hover" and I guarentee it'll help.

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